THE CHINESE IDENTIFIED 5 KEY PERSONALITY TYPES OVER 2,000 YEARS AGO. THESE ARE LINKED TO THE 5 ELEMENTS USED IN ENERGY HEALING TODAY


Each one of us will align with one of these elements and look, feel and be different. You can have elements of more than one

Knowing a person’s core energy explains

Why they do what they do

Why they say what they say

Why they think the way they do

Knowing someone’s key element gives you massive insight into their personality and enables understanding and compassion between you .

This helps in personal relationships, at work, as a boss, how you perform, how you achieve.


Earth people are the peacemakers, who prefer co dependence.

They are thoughtful, caring, understanding and compassionate. They are nurturing, generous and pour love into relationships.

They love to sew, garden, cook, paint and to do anything to make you feel safe. They love to have friends around them

Their Super Power is compassion and their Super challenge is over worry, not to hurt anyone. For them change can be excruciating. They don’t like to rock the boat and will say what they think people want to hear. They will put others on a pedestal, above honouring themselves.

Their Archetype is Caretaker and their Gift is Bringing peace


Metal people have wisdom and grace

They are like a bare tall tree – letting go of what is not needed. They have high values, often spiritual and cool and collected. Metal don’t go into dramas

They like problem solving and systematic tasks and work with their head rather than their heart

Grief is a subconscious backdrop

The Metal Super power is calm under pressure Their Super challenge is detachment and aloofness

The Alchemist is their archetype and their Gift is grace


The Water Super Power is a deep thinker, creative, and intuitive

Your Super Challenges are fear – of life in general, the unknown and change. This combination induces procrastination

They need to know you are there for them and may have fear of abandonment issues

Water need to have their space, withdraw and come back at their own pace

They will tell you that nobody understands their unique journey

So Water are the philosophers, thinker,deep conversations, poets, writers.They can be hypnotised by music.

The people who walk slowly in the rain, take their time, move, think and speak slowly, looking for details

The Water archetype is Fear. It disables the most and can lead to depression and exaggerating things. Their Gift the thinker


The Super Powers of Wood element people are that they are organised, hard workers, relentless and often on a mission

Their Super Challenge is their anger, often simmering – at other people, injustice, people who don’t tell the truth and more

These people are well researched, know a lot and want solutions

They are the warriors and commanders, can be harsh, intimidating, honest to fault and fearless

Strong, bold, independent, capable of seeing the bigger picture .They are the doers, exude confidence, make things happen but thy like to be right and often are!

Don’t tell them outright they are wrong in a relationship or as a boss, they will erupt. Be subtle with an indirect story

The Wood archetype is as a Pioneer and their Gift is fortitude


These are the wizards, who have passion, display unconditional love, who smile ,are lively , never slowed down, love to party, experience pleasure and fun.

 They can pull others out of depression and worry.

The Fire‘s Superpower is optimism that they spread around them

Their Super Challenge is Panic. They can easily go off course and their thinking scattered. They find it hard to go into negatives and so can be unrealistic.

Sadly Fire people can abandon others – the serial monogamists.

They feel they can love everything and are always looking for the next shiny object.

Treat them with warmth, laughter and positive talk

Their archetype is the Wizard and their Gift is optimism

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