How to stop the black marble!


Negative thoughts. All of us have them, at times. How we respond and deal with them is the key to living in a positive state and enjoying our lives.

Do you get up with negative thoughts? Do they impact on your day? Initially we find them annoying, frustrating, intrusive but ….they have a tendency to snowball, one trips into another. Our subconscious mind will find reasons, perhaps from previous events, situations, conversations to support and magnify our negativity. The day can start with one negative thought and you think oh no what’s happening, panic sets in and as it goes on the negative thoughts take hold , our day goes downhill. We start to feel more out of control, not function well, irritable, even paranoid about what others might be thinking or speaking about us. Recognise any of this?

The consequences of this is we don’t cope well with everyday tasks or situations or at work. We beat ourselves up or get distressed, confused and the day doesn’t end well. Guess what …  it begins again the next day. Soon we can be in a continual negative, stressed state and not in control. This can lead to panic, anxiety or depression.

There can be many reasons why negative thoughts take over an individual. Recognising it’s happening and taking action is so important.

So what can stop a negative thought?

Here’s a simple technique called D.R.E.A.M. that you might like to try. This is where the black marble has a role! This is a quick, simple, yet incredibly powerful intervention you can practice at any time , which can stop unwanted , negative thoughts and feelings in their tracks AND get yourself back into a positive, thriving mindset. Sound good?

In this techniques I like to think of a jar of white marbles which are all positive thoughts and a black one is thrown in the mix ad shatter and spreads. This black marble is our negative thought gaining momentum.

Think of the D.R.E.A.M technique as a fire extinguisher to use quickly to put out any fires you have inadvertently build. It is well made, powerful and can put out any fire.

It is a 5 step process of   STOP AND CHANGE ACTIONS: – Detect – Reward – Escape- Amend- Magnify

DETECT – you are having an unhelpful, limiting, negative thought or feeling

REWARD– reward your elf for detecting, the unhelpful thought. Praise yourself out loud. Taking back control.

ESCAPE – from the situation that has brought the unhelpful thought on.  Walk away, change the conversation, change activity .

AMEND – it to a positive empowering thought

MAGNIFY – your new thought and image to make it bigger, stronger and powerful. You are in control of this.

IF you practise this regularly (it’s not a one off!) and use it, then you have the power to change those negative thoughts. Because of your confidence in your ability to put out fires, you’ll stop worrying about fires and stop building them. You have a brilliant fire extinguisher.

If you do this right and regularly and stop negative thoughts in their tracks, replacing them with positive thoughts based in reality and chosen by you it will leave you

                     . Feeling calmer

                    .  Relaxed

                    . Free from panic

                    . Not waking with anticipation of negative events

                    . Not on the path of anxiety or depression

   Try this out over 7 days , with intent . What I am sharing is just a very small technique from my programme.

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